To Tweet or Not to Tweet

If you were to poll a random group of people, asking them “What does the term ‘social media’ mean to you?”, you would likely end up with several different answers. Social media means something different to different types of people. To an educated scholar, social media could be seen as a tool to market a product or themself. To a 20-something college student, social media could be seen as a way to communicate with family and friends without having to talk on the phone. To a young teenager, social media could be a way for them to creep on that cute boy/girl in their math class. And to my mom, social media is a way to grow and harvest crops without ever leaving the living room. But, there has to be a connecting factor between the different platforms of social media.

Connecting & Communicating

One of those factors is connecting. Social media is used to connect people to people, businesses to people, and business to business. According to this article by Nielsen one of the top three most popular social media brands is Facebook. Facebook helps both people and businesses interact with each other. While completing an internship out-of-state, Facebook (and Twitter) helped me stay in touch with family and friends from home. Sure, I could have called them, but the hours I worked it was much easier to get on the computer while lying in bed and update my Facebook status than calling everyone I wanted to contact. It opened up a quick and easy line of communication; but, this isn’t always seen as a positive thing. Some may find that this kind of communication is killing the art of the hand written letter and the personal qualities of a phone call. I believe this to be partly true. I can’t be the only one who misses letters in the mail that helped balance out all the bills and junk mail. But, in today’s fast paced society, instant gratification is becoming a norm causing the ability to achieve immediate responses a necessity. This is causing a change in how businesses need to interact with their clientele. For example, I recently had an unpleasant experience at a chain restaurant in Germantown, TN. I grabbed a business card for the manager and wrote him an e-mail Thursday evening. I received a response Sunday afternoon, 3 days later. I found them on Twitter and saw that someone was unhappy about their food and they replied back to their tweet the same day! Instant gratification.

It's all about connecting and building relationships.


 From Wikipedia to YouTube and from Twitter to your favorite podcasts, social media is all about connecting to people, communicating with people, and sharing content with people. There are still kinks to figure out, but we’re well on our way to changing our relationships with who we’re trying to reach.

So, dear readers, are you a fan of where social media is and where it is headed? Why or why not?



  1. I love the fact that I can use Facebook to communicate to my family.. Some of them live far away. It is a convenient and quick way of seeing how they are and to get updates about their lives.

    1. When I was living in Florida last semester, it really helped me keep in touch. Especially with those that live even further than Tennessee. A quick 2 sentence status to say you made the Dean’s list is easier than calling everyone you know to tell them. Plus, having the same conversation over and over can quickly become boring!

  2. I’m a huge fan of social media. Originally, I was against it. I remember delaying getting a Myspace account until the rest of my friends were on it and bugging me to join as well. It’s a lot of fun being able to connect with such a large base of people with such little effort. I think in the coming years, it will be easier than ever to connect with others and the business world will skyrocket with the success of social media efforts.

    1. After hearing several people talk about it, it seems most people were originally against it. Heck, some people still are! I jumped on board as soon as I could. I think my freshman year of college might have been the last year that you actually had to be in college with a .edu e-mail address to sign up for Facebook. I agree, it’s a lot of fun to connect with such a large amount of people without spending hours writing hand written letters, e-mails, etc. to get your point across. 140 characters with an @ reply and you’re done!

  3. I think that your mom’s definition is the same as my mom’s which I find to be really funny. Also, I am a huge nerd when it comes to social media and I am always the first person to get something and I am always curious as to what it entails. Being from so far away, its easy to just write on their facebook wall or tweet them in order to catch up a little bit at your own convience. I think that in the future I will never know what to expect and I hope to keep up-to-date with what the world is doing.

    1. Ha! I can’t lie. For the longest time I was a bit obsessed with Café World. I’m glad I’m not the only one who signs up for social media as soon as you hear about it! I agree with the hoping to be able to keep up-to-date. I think that because we’re in the social media generation, that we should be able to easily catch on to the next big thing.

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