If This Then That

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t already have Twitter and/or Facebook.  Most people have at least 2 e-mail addresses.  Let’s be honest, social media can be pretty overwhelming. Especially if you’re new to it.

There's not enough time to update Twitter, my blog, Facebook, and catch up on my Google Reader!!!


What if there was a magical way to receive a text every morning with the weather? Or if someone follows you on Twitter and you want to automatically follow them back?  That’s where If This Then That comes in.

IFTTT uses 41 different channels such as WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook and connects them to each other using different “recipes”.  Here are just a few of the things you can do with IFTTT:

When you change your Facebook photo, IFTTT can automatically make that your Twitter photo.

Send an automatic “thank you” Tweet to those who mention or @reply you.

Have an e-mail sent to you if it’s going to rain the next day.

So, you’re probably wondering how these things will help you in the social media world. It’s simple, social media is about listening & responding. It’s carrying a conversation. That could be acknowledging a new follower on Twitter. It could be creating a bridge between Twitter and Facebook or Twitter and Google+. Or automatically posting starred blog posts in your Google Reader to Twitter. They all create a circle to help you stay connected.

If your business has a focus on visual aspects, such as floral design, you can take photos and post them to Twitter and have them sent directly to Dropbox to save for you to upload to your website or portfolio later. This is especially useful if you use your phone to take photos, so you don’t have to hook your phone up to the computer to save them to a file.

Many people might see this as unnecessary, but I believe that it helps save some time.




The creators of If This Then That have no idea who I am. Nothing was given in exchange for this review. They don’t even know that I wrote this post. Unless they use Google Alerts, in which case: Hello!